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this is silkcore , a theme for games, SILCKROAD 2013

Welcome to

hello silkroad community! lycan is a new server developed by FalconGaming Development Team. our team have been working on silkroad servers since 2012 providing its players with a stable uniterrupted gameplay exprience.

How To Play!


You Will Start Lv 1 You Can lvl Up By

  • 1- Go to Lvl Up Room In Towen Darkness
  • 2- By GM Events
  • 3- By Party With Other Player In Knights Room

How To Get Arena Coins

  • From Mobs +121 In Baghdad City

How To Get Magico coins

  • From Mobs +121 In Baghdad City &Uniques In Rooms

How To Get Medals Coins

  • By Gold In Npc Special Items & CTF & Arena Manager & Events

How To Get Gold

  • From Trade

How to Get D15

  • By Donation or FGW